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Alumni Contribution : Giving Back to the Institute

The Society of Robotics and Automation is a student body which receives funds and ideas for its projects from a variety of sources such as the Industry, Student Competitions, Institute Funding, Workshops and Self Funding. Our projects are primarily in Robotics and Automation, but also in Aerospace and Controls related spheres.

As the sole society from VJTI involved in the burgeoning and rather expensive field of Robotics , we have felt the need for better financial and technical support from the alumni of the institute. 

Why do it?

The society currently has over 300 members from every branch in the institute, and with focused projects happening pertaining to each branch. The Society strives towards excellence in research and development, and as with all new societies, we require incubation initially.

Any support given to the SRA will be used only for buying robotic components such as Motors, Actuators, Electronics and other equipment which goes into our robots. The institute is represented by us at various National and International Level Competitions such as ABU Robocon and various competitions organised by the DRDO and the IITs. Aside from this, we look aggressively towards product development as well as core research, depending upon the interest of the students involved.  

Where does my money go exactly?

Batteries, Motors, Motor Drivers, Rapid Prototyping, Propellors, RC controllers, Metal and other construction materials, Cutters, Drills and other tools and Electronic Equipment (Microcontrollers, Programmers, PCBs)  which are woefully expensive. 

How Much?
Annual expenses for the year 2008-09 were to the tune of Rs. 2 lakh. Most of this came from the institute, part from the DRDO Students Competition, a fair share from personal contribution and the rest from Technical Festivals such as Technovanza which sponsored some of our projects.

However, looking at a larger and more organized approach, the projected budget for the year 2009-10 is Rs. 5 lakh. While we hope for continuing support from the Institute, we shall need a steady contribution from our alumni to fund this amount. Even the smallest contribution will go a long way in putting our society forward and helping more students get interested in technical skill oriented careers.

Our Achievements:

Within the first year of operations (we started in September 2008), the SRA has crossed quite a few milestones
  • 300+ members into its second year from all branches of the institute
  • 2 Workshops conducted within the institute and one outside
  • Many seminars organised on a variety of topics
  • Very active Mentorship Program for beginners in Robotics
  • Reached Super League in ABU Robocon 2009 (top 16 teams out of 52)
  • Won Round 1 of DRDO Golden Jubilee Student Competition - Came in Top 10 teams amongst 272 entries. Made a working micro aerial vehicle for Round 2 at DRDO ADE, Bangalore. 
  • Projects Completed by members - Humminger, ABU Robocon 2009, Horizon, Autoport
  • Future Projects: Humminger 3, ABU Robocon 2010, A.R.M.E.D, Stereo Vision ERP.

Other than Personal Contribution, How can I help?
We would appreciate contacts in the industry who would be willing to help us out, in both financial and technical aspects. Opportunities to organize for Industrial visits and observe latest developments and requirements in the industry

No Personal Contributions for you ? How can my Company Benefit from this? Need more details?

Kindly contact our Sponsorship Co-ordinator for details and a brochure:

Akshat Sandh
+91- 9869863636