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About Us

What is the SRA?

The Society of Robotics and Automation or the SRA is a Society for students under the Mechanical Engineering Department. As the name suggests, we deal with Robotics, Machine Vision, Automation and all their allied fields. So if you ever wanted to build a robot, or learn machine building, or have the next big idea, join us!

SRA is a gateway for under graduates to the field of Robotics. Through promotion of hobby robotics, we aim to create awareness and interest in Industrial Robotics amongst VJTI students as well other leading Mumbai colleges. The Society will encourage students to consider Robotic Engineering as a serious career choice and will give them relevant exposure for the same in the course of their degree.

What does the Society do?

Since the society got formed officially in September 2008, we have already achieved quite a lot, including mentoring beginners, take up interesting projects and conducting workshops . To cohere our efforts in the same, and reduce the steep learning curve associated with beginners, we hope to carry out the following

  • Workshops & Seminars: Seminars and Workshops can be conducted to guide a large number of beginners and even advanced members on a variety of topics to develop skills.
  • Participation in Competitions (Institute Representation): The society will represent the college at National Level Technical Competitions related to Robotics such as those at IITs and Robocon.
  • Mentorship Programmes : A novel approach to help beginner members to gain exposure, by providing them a Core Group member with relevant experience to be a mentor for them in their projects and competitions
  • Online Resources and Regularly Maintained Website: To keep members up to date with advances in the field and events in the society.
  • Project Work Under Professors: Project work in Robotics, not only for final year students, but even for students from the pre final year and earlier.
  • Common Pool of Components: The purchase of components in wholesale and the subsequent sharing of these components and devices allows for lesser wastage, higher utilization and lesser cost. Members will be able to avail of all these facilities as per availability.
  • Industrial Visits: Industrial Visits can make for a comprehensive way to learn about new technologies and expose students to current problems and projects in the industry.
  • Monthly Meetings: To discuss activities of the society, accept suggestions and plan future Industrial Visits etc.
 Funding for your projects can also be provided by the Society, provided your idea is unique, practical and approved by the Senate and the Faculty coordinators.


Where is the HQ?

The society is housed in MLR 11, 2nd Floor in the Mechanical Engineering Department.

The SRA and Industry Interaction

  • Technology and Products: We will be in touch with representatives from the industry in order to acquire the latest technology and and advanced products to assist in our robotic endeavors. Working knowledge about these products will be handed down to the SRA members to help them cope with the increasing challenges in robotics competitions.
  • Internships: It is one of our goals to encourage companies to offer internship programs to members to help them gain a first hand experience of industrial technology.
  • Seminars: Around the year seminars will be conducted by representatives from the industry giving members an insight into newer technology .

Organisation of the Society

The society consists of two levels, the Senate, a group of about 15-20 seniors who spearhead the organisation, and Regular Members of the Society. Senate Membership is given to Roboticists with sufficient experience only. Each member gets a Membership ID card, an access to the common pool of components and is allowed to be a part of Industrial Visits, Mentorship Programmes, Institute Level efforts in any Robotics Competition and to take part in Workshops.

            The following members have been selected for various positions for the Working Committee 2010-11 :

    Bhumil Haria                T.Y.B.Tech       Computer Engg.        General Secretary

    Ankit Daftery                T.Y.BTech       Electronics Engg.      Joint General Secretary

    Hiral Haria                    T.Y.B.Tech      Mechanical Engg.      Treasurer

    Sachin Jain                  T.Y.B.Tech       Computer Engg.        Events Coordinator

    Paras Kapadia              T.Y.B.Tech      Computer Engg.        Sponsorship Coordinator

    Anoshak Irani                T.Y.B.Tech      Computer Engg.        Events Manager

    Sumedh Ambokar          S.Y.B.Tech      IT  Engg.                  Materials Manager

    Chiranjeev Anand           S.Y.B.Tech      Mechanical Engg      Procurement Manager

    Saurabh Doiphode          S.Y.B.Tech      IT Engg                    Project Manager

    Prathamesh Kini            S.Y.B.Tech      Mechanical Eng        Project Manager

    Vivek Nhattuvetty           S.Y.B.Tech      IT  Engg.                   Website Manager

    The following
senior members shall constitute the Technical Core Committee :
 Mechanical    Electronics
Pranav Gupta
 Tamanna Kottwani
Bharat Gupta
Vinay Shekar
 Aniket Tatipamula
Shashank Sabesan
 Kevin Carvahlo
Gurvindar Arora
Rajesh Mane
Rohit Pawar

Smitesh Jain



All the best and happy roboting!