Eklavya is our mentorship programme for students who have completed their 1st year of engineering. The students come up with their own ideas and if selected, they are provided a full time mentor, tools and funding for completing their projects during the hoildays.

Eklavya 2017

Drawing in 3D space and displaying it in a VR environment.

Tests soil samples, giving readings of physical properties like salinity, moisture, water retention and stores data in an app and includes an an controlled water pump.

Demonstrates co-ordination between multiple bots for reaching a destination or following a target.

Enables users to try on clothes virtually.

A drowsiness detection system.

A robot that automatically cleans the room by making its own way.

A robot that detects obstacles in its path and jumps to overcome them.

Camera stabilization unit for mobile cameras.

Controlling the mouse by tracking movements made by the pupil.

The Electronic version of the classic strategy board game.

An automated marker.

Augmented reality glasses to help the visually-impaired see the world in greater detail.

Eklavya 2016

R-HEX 1.0
R-Hex is an all terrain 
Bot the design of which is inspired from the bug of Robotics.

Seed Plantation Bot
This seed plantation robot is capable of digging holes at equal intervals and sowing seeds in these holes.

Smart Dustbin
The Smart Dustbin is instrumental in separating the different types of wastes, namely: Metal, Organic & Inorganic.

Virtual Mouse
This is a software based project in which different functions of a mouse can be handled just by waving your hands gesture

Gesture Vocalizer
A software with 
which the 
gap between 
normal and mute 
people can be 

Smart Bag
A simple bag which 
can electronically 
lock the bag and 
alert the users about 
the contents present 
in the bag using 

Airwave Orchestra
A Microsoft Kinect based application for virtually playing the musical instruments of your choice.

3D - Mapping
An algorithm 
capable of 
mapping all the 
automatically in 
3D Mapping.

Eklavya 2014

Heart Attack Alert
An essential device in today’s hectic world, the heart attack alert system monitors you heart rate and quickly informs you about abnormalities, and in case of an attack, informs your family and the nearest hospital.

Ballistic Robot
A programmed system which spots a target, automatically calculates the distance and accurately fires a projectile at it.

Proverbial wallet
A smart wallet that keeps a track of your card transactions and vibrates every time  you make a payment, buffs up when you got a lot of money or is difficult to open when you are low on finances

Automated Car Park
A solution to the ever-present difficulty of parking a car, the automated car parallel parks into vacant parking spaces on its own.

Touch based Menu Card
An interactive menu which can provide quick and efficient service, while reducing errors and wait time.

Home Automation
A system, which when integrated into your house lets you Control and automate just about every device and appliance within your home whether you are at home or far away through simple touch of the buttons.

Eklavya 2013

Eklavya 2013

Library Automation: 
An innovative system which makes traversing libraries to find books much easier. The system automatically finds the book, picks it from its shelf and delivers it to the front desk the moment you enter the title.

Gesture Controlled Arm
A robotic arm mounted on a movable body, the robotic arm can pick and place objects remotely, finding place in many applications where precision and distance is required.

Physically Challenged Communication
A project which can revolutionize communicating with those who have physical disabilities such as the blind or the deaf; the project translates sign language gestures into words, and also converts words into written text.

A vehicle which is being developed all across the world, an all-terrain autonomous vehicle is essential in many situations such as firefighting or bomb defusal, and most importantly, to navigate the surface of unknown planets.

Electronic SkateBoard
An ecofriendly alternative to intra-city or intra-campus travelling, the Electronic skateboard offers efficient quick and most importantly a green solution to commuting.