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Lawrence & Mayo

Lawrence & Mayo is one of India’s pioneering companies having two diversified divisions – ophthalmic optics and instrumentation. The company is well into its 3rd century of operations and is poised to make rapid strides in the 21st century. Established in 1877, the company has carved a niche for itself as India's leading manufacturing and dispensing optician, with diversification in scientific and industrial instrumentation.

Lawrence and Mayo, traces its roots to two London based Jewish families, that of Lawrence and Mayo. The two families set up operations all over the world including London, Cairo, Spain, Portugal, Indian subcontinent, Colombo, Rangoon and Singapore. Not much information is available on the early history of the company, but its reputation as a chain of high grade Opticians and makers of best quality Survey, Scientific and Meteorological Instruments was well known. Records show than L&M opened its first Indian office and showroom in Calcutta in the year 1877.

In the year 1938 L&M was incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1913, as a private limited company. It was then controlled by a Britisher L H Alliston but he was soon to find an able successor in an Indian named Mr. I C Mendonca whose initiative took him all the way to Lahore and Karachi where he set up an optical workshop and showrooms. Mr. Mendonca returned to Calcutta before the partition and continued with the operations of the Company. It is he who nurtured the organisation after his takeover and laid solid foundation for its future growth in India. The company became wholly Indian in 1967.


To be a good Corporate Citizen by scaling the heights of Excellence in providing value for money to customers with thrust on service and faith in people.


The most important ingredient for quality and excellence is undoubtedly, passion. With a passion to offer the best service and highest quality products and services, we at Lawrence & Mayo, strive to satisfy all the needs of our customers with utmost delight. To achieve these levels in quality and service, we have
listed a few policies that are to be followed by each of our colleagues in the organization.
· Continual improvement in machinery, processes,
services & Satisfaction
· Successful collaboration with suppliers
· Nurturing, developing and empowering our people
· Finding new ways to satisfy the needs of our customers 


Our Corporate Philosophy, 'Quality, Value & Service', guides every single member of our trained and experienced staff. It is a goal that is put into action by every employee at Lawrence & Mayo. It is our commitment to this philosophy that has led our customers to accept our perfection as tradition.

A Royal Heritage: OUR HISTORY IN TIME 

On 28 April 1876, Queen Victoria proclaimed herself Empress of India. The announcement was made in India on 1 January 1877 in the famous Delhi Durbar.

This was also the year Lawrence & Mayo made its debut with a showroom in Calcutta (now Kolkata).

Another interesting titbit to note is that the world’s very first Cricket Test was played the same year between Australia and England in Melbourne, marking the beginning of the famous Ashes rivalry.

1892 : His Excellency General Sir Frederick Sleigh Roberts Barunet, Commander in Chief in India appoints Lawrence & Mayo as His Excellency's Ophthalmic Opticians on the 1st day of March, 1892.

1905: The Industrial & Agricultural Exhibition of the Indian National Congress awards a Gold Medal to Lawrence & Mayo for its Meteorological Instruments.

The Future: 

Each Lawrence & Mayo venture is undertaken with dedication and unwavering determination, be it opticals or instrumentation. L&M aims at retaining and enhancing its position in the Indian market through significant quality and service leadership by continuously investing in technology and people. According to its chairman Mr. R. H. Mendonsa, "L&M will be expanding its retail network in a planned way to maintain the competitive edge, while upholding identity and image through ethical and professional service". The vision to excel underlines each and every facet of Lawrence & Mayo. This is evident from its mission statement.

Looking back in time, it will be interesting to know how human effort of several generations has built and nurtured this company through 135 years of its glorious existence.