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posted Dec 28, 2016, 2:45 AM by Rohit Bhaskar
* Open-Eklavya is an open mentorship programme, organised by SRA, where you get to make your own team, choose your own project and get a mentors to help you along the way. 
* It is open for 2nd, 3rd and final year students with no branch restriction  (first year students aren't allowed).
* There will no hardware provided, project requirements have to be bought by the concerned team. You will however be guided with the place and approximate cost of purchase based on your project.
* Team size can be either 3 or 4 members, not less not more. Requests for change in the team size, won't be entertained.
* Teams will receive mentorship on all aspects of selected project through a whatsapp and Trello group.
* Every team member is required to install the 'trello' app on their phones.
* For final year students, please enter your own FYP in the 'your own project' section and we'll try and help out with it too.
* Please take up a project only if you're genuinely interested. 

Interested students please fill the link below